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Garden Rooms & Studios


EasyPAD is a very robust and heavy duty foundation solution for a wide range of buildings, yet it is incredibly easy to install. Here are some reasons to use EasyPAD when building garden rooms and studios.

The Benefits of Using EasyPAD

  • EasyPads are a recognised and proven foundation solution for Garden Buildings used by many of Uk’s leading Garden Studio Companies
  • EasyPads elevate the timbers off the ground allowing your timbers to remain dry and well ventilated
  • EasyPads are lightweight and easy to transport to any site with poor access
  • EasyPads offer up to 150mm of adjustment to allow for millimetre perfect levelling on site
  • EasyPads offer an Eco friendly solution reducing the amount of concrete by 98% compared to traditional slabs
  • EasyPads are user friendly and require no specialist skills or equipment to install

Certified & Tested
Concrete BS EN197-1 Cem 1

Manufactured using BS EN197-1 Cem 1 concrete.
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